New Zealand Week One

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Ive never blogged before, but there are so many interestng things happening right now and I want to share them with all of you! My only request is that if you get a chance I would really like to hear what is happening in your life.  I dont have the best means of communication seeing as the wifi here really is as bad as you would expect.  But, regardless I would really appreciate hearing from each and every one of you! 

It has been an interesting journey thus far, and I am loving every minute of it! I arrived four days ago and have spent this time familiarizing myself with my new campus and the town of Palmerston North.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous; ranging from  65 to 70 degrees F (Of coure, they measure it in C which has been a struggle to translate but I am getting better at it). It has been sunny every single day with no humidity, but so incredibly windy! Sometimes it is a challenge to keep my balance.  Since I managed to leave my phone in the car when I was dropped off at the airport, I havent been able to take many pictures of the beautiful scenery.  I will attach a couple I took with my ipad on the bus from the airportto campus though they arent great quality.  I promise better ones next week.  

I just moved into my flat yesterday and have had the house to myself. Its a bit of a walk to campus, about ten minutes through a wooded area with a river and really interesting wildlife.  Mostly I have seen and heard birds that Im unfamiliar with. In addition to that, cows and goats run wild here! I had to double take when I saw a field filled with cows and no fence, as well as when the car I was in almost ran over a free roaming goat.  Anyway, I love my flat! The weirdest thing is that I have my own hand basin aka sink in my room.  Its pretty brilliant, though. Ill never have to wait for the bathroom to brush my teeth, nor have to haul all my bathroom things around. America should really catch on.  

Unfortunately my bike hasnt come in yet, but I have manged to keep busy.  The campus is pretty huge, especially compared to Goucher.  Twenty thousand people compared to around two? The campus is fairly large as well, we even have a duck pond! I spent an entire day waking around finding where my classes will be and feeling out the layout.  The second day I caught the bus into downtown, walked around and managed to get lost.  I had my first meal out at a cute cafe called Moxies. I learned that Kiwis dont tip, and eat everything with a fork and knife.  That is definitely going to be a struggle because a fork and shovel are basically interchangeable in my mind. I also checked out a book store, bike shop and lots of second hand stores.  

Ive got a couple more days to be wild and free until orientation starts on Monday.  Im excited to meet some local people! I managed to meet one of the strangest people… well, ever on my first day here.  Once the bus dropped me off at campus I was totally lost and had to ask a car that was driving by where I needed to go.  It ended up being pretty far away, so he gave me a ride.  He dropped me off at campus security who then helped me figure out what to do.  It was one guy in particular, Hector who helped me out.  I am so grateful for the help, he even offered to show me around campus and even town.  Naturally, I said abolutely and gave him my email.  

A couple days later, he picked me up and helped me move my things to my flat.  Afterwards, we drove to a park and the beach.  This is when things started getting weird.  He made it known that it is on his bucketlist to kiss an American girl, to which I responded “Well, you should probaby go to America, then.” In additon, he found it necessarry to inform me how `perfect` I am and how I am `everything he has been looking for` based solely on the fact that I dont enjoy clubbing.  Some other fun facts I learned about him after knowing him for two hours were that he lost his virginity at nineteen and that his last relationship failed because his girlfriend cheated on him and punched him.  I think it is impossible to put into words how uncomfortable hearing these things made me feel.  Which is pretty difficult for me, not a lot of things make me uncomfortable.  He invited me to stick around for longer than six months so that he could take me to fiji, and asked me about my relationship status. I quite clearly let him know I was not interested in him, to which he felt it necessary to remind me I could `still have fun.` When we got to the beach he asked me to give him a massage because he was sore.  I recommended a massage therapist and told him that it was time for him to drive me back to campus.  At the end of the seemingly forever thirty minute drive back to campus, he asked if he shall come inside… I quickly resonded nope! ran inside and locked the door behind me. I hope you can find as much humor in this as I do. 

With that, this blog has been fueled by the new album This is all yours by alt-j.  Its fantastic, if you havent had the chance to listen. 


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