What’s That Mexican Doing? 

I’ve been jamming out to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! this week.  It’s been awhile, I’m feeling nostalgic.  Check them out though, once you get past his weird voice it’s pretty happy stuff. 

This past weekend my flat mate and I decided to take the `Naked` bus down to Wellington to check out the night life since Palmy is kind of lacking one.  Their logo is something along the lines of “ride naked!” We weren’t required to take our clothes off which was a relief. 

We arrived pretty early so we decided to grab some food at a restaurant that exclaimed “What’s that Mexican doing?” And in fact, we did find out what that Mexican was doing when he chased us out of the resturant to ask if we wanted to have drinks with him. 

Before heading out we went back to our friends dorm room.  It was about ten o’ clock at this point.  We walked in and were immediately stopped by the meanest Kiwi I’ve come across.  Which isn’t really that mean…   He wouldn’t let us come in because we didn’t have guest passes. So we had to wait around for some other bloke to decide if we were allowed to come in or if we were going to have to hit the road. 

So, instead of taking the risk of being denied a silly guest pass, we decided to take matters into our own hands.  We snuck up the stairs while the securiy guard was scolding some kids for having an open container.  We were relieved to have made it to the room without getting chased.  The relief lasted about three minutes until there was a knock at the door.. The security guard legit hunted us down and told us to pack our bags and get out.  

Thankfully I have friends who are sweet talkers, because my sassiness doesn’t help much in instances like this.  They talked him down and somehow found out he had a daughter… so they went for the achilles heel of any  parent…. “How would you feel if your daughter got kicked to the streets in a city she didn’t know?” It was over, he melted like butter and decided to let us stay. 

A little shaken up, we decided to head out to Cuba street to grab a drink or two.  Since the drinking age is eighteen here, my twenty year old flat mate was able to come out with us which is great! Something we noticed almost instantly is how even though a significant amount of people were walking around drunk they were all very tame.  

No one was belligerent, we didn’t see a single person throwing up on the sidewalk or being carried home with heels in hand.  I’ve heard this practice is pretty much limited to U.S.  citizens which is unfortunate. Drinking doesn’t seem to have the stigma as it does in the states.  Getting drunk doesn’t entail forgetting your entire night and hooking up with coyote ugly. 

 Instead we hung out at a nineties bar, danced to Spice Girls and took jelly donut shots…. And no one around us seemed to be making a fool of themselves.  Well, except me.  My dancing in and of itself is enough to be embarassed about.  This is probably why someone bought me a drink then ran away. 

I hope you all are enjoying your snow! It was a little chilly here this morning as well… I had to wear pants.  Don’t worry though, around ten am I was able to switch back to shorts.  


2 thoughts on “What’s That Mexican Doing? 

  1. So, “What’s the Mexican Doing” and “Cuba” Street — is Willington the Hispanic part of New Zealand (Nueva Zelanda)?


    • Ahahah, no I don’t believe so. There are definitely a lot of Mexican restaurants. However, I’m not sure there is a predominantly Mexican part of New Zealand…


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