Keen to Get Knackered In a Paddock? 

It’s cooling off a little in Palmy.  I actually didn’t open my window until around three p.m.  Don’t worry, it’s open now and I’m able to comfortably sit in my room and listen to the self titled album by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.  If you do turn it on, end before the last song… it’s obnoxious.  

So this weekend I had my first tramping experience.  What’s this, you say? Are you really that low on money?  No, in fact I’m not.  I am however quite keen on hiking.  We managed to scale the tallest mountain in the North Island: Mount Ruapehu.  For those of us who are Lord of the Rings fans, you may know it as Morodor.  

Mount Ngauruhoe AKA Mount Doom

Did I mention it’s also an active volcano?  The 2,797 meter tall (9,177 feet) stratovolcano remains one of the most active in the world.  The tramp was not an easy one.  



The climb down


After about four hours of hiking practically vertical, I felt like I was going to chunder. I was so grateful to have brought my jersey, because it was quite chilly.  We stopped and had lunch at the top looking out over the crater lake.  

The summit, steaming!


It was like a barbie at the top, because everyone brought a plate.  We hung out and were taking the piss enjoying some lollies before our tramp back down.  


The fog rolling in


The view from the hut we stayed in was just as gorgeous as the view from the summit.  We were able to get knackered, spin a yarn and watch the sunset over huge paddocks. My feet did get cold wearing my jandals, though.  So I put on some socks.  


Courtesy of Joey Reutman Photography


We set up our mattresses outside and slept under the stars. 


Courtesy of Joey Reuteman


In the middle of the night I got up to actually take a piss and accidentally got some on my sock.  I spent the next day walking around in one sock.  I didn’t want both of my feet to be cold.  Explaining that one to the gang was a riot.  Overall the weekend was sweet as.

 Sweet as?

 Sweet as WHAT?!? That’s pretty much how I reacted, too.  Actually, I reckon I was more flabbergasted that so many people were checking out and commenting on my rear end…  Until I realized this is just another way to say ‘cool.’

Just in case you didn’t catch all that:

Tramping- hiking               Keen- interested                

Chunder- throw up            Jersey- Sweatshirt 

Barbie- BBQ                       Bring a plate- bring food   

Taking the piss- joking     Lollies- candy 

Knackered- drunk             Spin a yarn- chatter          

Paddock- field                     Jandals- flip-flops                       


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