I Saw The Sign! 

And now I have Ace of Base stuck in my head. Maybe you will too! 😂

A few days ago I caused a car crash… And as much as I’d like to blame it on my merciless beauty which distracted the driver, that would only be half the truth.  In fact, I was getting ready to cross the street completely legally when a car decided to slam on their brakes (probably because they were dumbfounded by such a stunning young lady heh hem) causing the car behind them to slam into their rear end. Everyone was fine, so I decided to do the logical thing and walk quickly in the opposite direction… 

There’s been quite an uproar in the country about allowing foreigners to drive. And by uproar, I mean some slight groaning under their breath…  Because people don’t really cause uproars here. But it seems that driving on the left side of the road is pretty dangerous if you’ve never done it… Who’d a thunk it.  Fortunately, I don’t think me crossing the street (and being so captivating) is part of the problem.  But it got me thinking how easy it is to mess things up when you’ve got street signs like this…. 

Not that driving on the opposite side of the road isn’t difficult enough, but when you have street signs that you have no clue what they mean, it might not be such a bad idea to have foreigners take a basic safety course.  Especially with these cars that have wheels that come off when you’re driving on a curvy road and somehow reattach themselves on the opposite side. 


As you can imagine, giving way in a roundabout is a pretty scary thing the first time you do it. Not only do you have to look right instead of left, go around the circle to the left and exit on the left side (because that’s not complicated enough) you also have to use your blinkers, which are on the opposite side, to indicate when you are  passing an exit as well as when you are taking an exit.  And it’s not as if you can avoid roundabouts, because they are everywhere. 



Then there’s this really helpful road sign to indicate… Well, I’m not really sure what it means. 


And as if driving weren’t stressful enough, there are even strange rules while chilling out.  I mean, since when do you have to bring your own woman to a bar? What an inconvenince. 


Fisticuffs? Acting the goat? I decided to find another bar…. 


Planes, Trains and… More Planes

“We are now boarding New Zealand flight 8522 to Palmerston North. Please make your way to the boarding area now, or at your convenience.” So you know…Finish up your leisurely stroll in the outside courtyard. Maybe have another beer. But whenever you’re ready, no pressure… Hop on the plane.  Take your time though, we don’t want to rush you. 

Being in the New Zealand airport made me realize how extremely paranoid, unforgiving, and untrusting Americans are of… well, everyone. 

We got into the airport in Nelson, New Zealand after a few days of traveling around the South Island about an hour and a half before our plane took off. Really, we could have showed up twenty minutes before our plane took off and made it without having to rush.  We didn’t have to go through security. At all.  No one asked us what was in our bag, no one wanted to look at us naked through a screen, we didn’t even get asked for identification. We checked in online earlier that day, walked up to the gate and got on the plane. No hassle. Nothing. 

Fortunately, the exhausting airport security paid off when we got in the air. 


We were nervous about carrying a box of matches on the plane, so we disposed of them before we showed up to the airport. But that definitely wasn’t necessary. We could have carried an entire bottle of shampoo and not been harassed. It’s really quite revolutionary. In fact, I did carry a full water bottle.  And I didn’t even fill it in the airport… GASP! It’s blasphemous, I know. I was feeling rebellious. 

We didn’t only get to fly over the islands,  but we had the opportunity to kayak through them.



Everything about the South Island was as beautiful as I’ve been told. Even the long bus rides were enjoyable. They say the grass is always greener on the other side… 


Everything really blew my mind. The house we stayed in we booked through Airbnb.  Initially, I was a little nervous about staying in a random stranger’s home. But when we met Jamie and she fed us homemade scones, honey from her bees and jam from her fruit trees… I knew I was in heaven.  


Everything about Nelson drew me in. I’m awaiting the day I get to go back.