My trip is coming to an end as I prepare myself for dreaded finals…

I’m at the point where I’m reflecting back on my trip and most importantly, thinking about the things I want to take home with me. Because even though I’m leaving the country, there are parts of New Zealand that will never leave me. And I’m sure some of you will give me heaps of shit for it (Yup, I used heaps. Say something!!!). And because I’m so fond of lists, and finals are coming up which stresses me out and drastically increases the number of lists produced per day, I figured it just made sense.  

1. Keen. I love keen. Make fun of me if you want, but it’s coming home with me. 

2. Craft beers. This is a huge one, because since I’ve been here I’ve managed to write two essays on craft beer for my food and eating class which has given me so much inspiration…to drink.  Hehe. Not to mention, I got to go to the pub with my classmates and professor for our last day of class. I’ve gotten to try so many amazing beers since I’ve been here, and am sad that I won’t be able to try them all before I leave. Although I’m certainly bringing some home. Some of my favorites: 


Local Craft Beers

3. My love for sheep. 

4. And cows. Especially cows. 🐄

5. An appreciation for hiking and exploring. While there are amazing sights you can see just by driving up to them, there is nothing more rewarding than having to work to see them. Especially if you almost died in the process (OK a bit of an exaggeration, but being stuck underwater is FREAKY). 

Rangitikei River

6. An appreciation for how amazing the stars really are. Because really, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so incredible. 

7. Cooking! And baking! I’m hooked. Turns out I’m not as bad as I thought, either.  

8. A love/hate relationship with owning a car.

It also tasted great

9. My love for ginger beer.

10.The ability to relax and take a day off without feeling guilty.

11. An understanding of what other countries consider proper portions.  


A Portion of Pancakes…

12. A fat, crooked pinky. 

13. A better understanding and appreciation for Maori culture. And proper pronunciation… 

14. So many amazing photos and stories.


Tongario Crossing

15. My fear of birds. And yet I’m torn because I had great plans of being a crazy ole bird watching lady. 

16. The knowledge that America has a rugby team…and they’re apparently not half bad…. Who knew! 

17. Chocolate…. Ugh. I will never eat Hershey’s again. 


Whittakers Artisan Collection

18. My wanderlust soul. Because I’m already planning out my next big adventure.  



2 thoughts on “Bittersweet 

  1. Number 12… I laughed. Feel very bad but I laughed 😉 and WHERE are those pancakes from?? need them before I leave the country


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